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Introductions To ALL

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Introductions To ALL

Post by Barrada50 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:10 am

Hello Everyone
I am Lt. Barrada50
Just in case anyone is wondering lets clear this up... I am 50 yrs old and still having fun gaming with my squad and friends that I have come to know in the games that I have played. If there has been a first person shooter made for platforms pc or otherwise I probably have it. I have been part of so many teams I cant begin to list them all. I would probably forget one and make someone angry with me so just wont do it.

I gave into my needs to play again little while back and purchase my Xbox 360 and of course got Ghosts with my console had been playing a while when I was approached by members of Lon3 and asked if I would be interested in joining. I cannot be more truthful than to say I was hesitant because I was simply enjoying the play time I was getting in when I could. But now that I am here, I must say the people here are great and the squad is forming up.
We have a long way to go but all the right steps are being taken to make a squad that can be both good and fun.
So if this lon3 sounds like a place where you would like to be fill out your application and come game with us.

This online forum was a brain child of mine that I ran passed xXShifteeEXx and he agreed that it could be a good tool. The reason it exists, There are several actually recruitment, general meeting place, keeping of our roster but most important its ability to set up meetings, matching plans, game strategy and a general place outside of Xbox for us to meet and discuss things as a squad.

I hope you all enjoy the forum and learn to use its potential if you have suggestions please feel free to contact me and we can work on getting things done together we will make things better.


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